Wedding memories that are putting big smiles on our faces

There’s a lot to be said for staged wedding photos. They’re impossibly flawless and often very sentimental and romantic as well. Though during yet another covid lockdown, when we’ve admittedly got not much else to do but look through past celebrations, it’s emphases on both the silly and soulful that we’re really drawn to.
We’re exceptionally fond of candid shots – the ones that capture intimate stolen glances between newlyweds and little reassuring winks, wild dance parties, champagne explosions and uproarious laughter. They remind us what weddings are truly about. Sure, they can come with lots of stress (especially during a global pandemic), but we think they should be enjoyed as much as humanly possible too! Weddings are just so much fun, and it’s been such a comfort to us to be able to reminisce with our lovely couples and other vendors. While we’re not making any flower magic for you at the moment, we are so looking forward to opening back up again. We can’t wait to inspire and be inspired!

Below are some of our happiest photos in recent years. From cheeky flower girls to looks of love and ‘OMG, we just did this!’ we hope they make you smile too.


Photography: Hungry Hearts Co, Nat Salloum, Heart & Colour, Fox & Fern, Nicole Butler, Gez Xavier Mansfield and Popcorn Photography

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