Vibrant summer wildflowers


This couple, their vibrant flowers, a romantic summer celebration of love in the picturesque Hunter Valley – all radiated pure, unadulterated happiness. If we could bottle the feeling of that day, we would!

It may have been a little overcast and in the middle of a global pandemic, but Carolyn and Dan’s wedding at Peterson House was so much fun and a real reason to celebrate. It was intimate, personal, and had just the right amount of unscripted silliness too (Carolyn recalls laughing so hard that she and Dan nearly started crying after a huge chunk of eco confetti landed directly down her dress when they were walking back up the aisle!).

Saturday the 6th of January 2021 was full of ‘perfect moments’ for them and we were so honoured to contribute.

Carolyn and Dan’s wedding was all about joy and this was reflected in their floral vision. They chose bright and textural flowers in almost every colour of the rainbow – hot pink boronia, burgundy and orange paper daisies, fuschia stock, yellow solidaster and billy buttons, fluffy, full-headed peach dahlias, and pops of muted native greenery. Her bridal bouquet looked like it was plucked from a beautiful wild garden – like sunshine for the soul.

This theme effortlessly flowed into all other aspects of the wedding as well. From the twinkling fairy lights that illuminated Restaurant Cuvee, to the little choreographed routine during their first dance as a married couple – every detail ensured Carolyn, Dan and their nearest and dearest were going to have a ball. And they did!

Following the advice of a close friend, Carolyn and Dan also took time to pause throughout the evening and take some mental snapshots. You can tell in the photos they’ve shared that there was a lot of love in the room, and we are so lucky to have been given a glimpse into this magic and all the precious memories from their special day.

Of course, what would a wedding in 2021 be without a light-hearted nod to COVID-19? We think this one is our favourite shot of all!

Carolyn and Dan may have met years ago on a filmset, but their modern love story is one for the ages. Their wedding day had all the romance and charm of a feel-good Hollywood blockbuster too!

Congratulations to the gorgeous couple x


Photography: Gez Xavier Mansfield


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