How to find the perfect florist for you


Choosing a florist for your big day is a big deal, and while there are absolutely no rules about what you can and can’t do with wedding flowers (we believe half the fun is being creative and getting to experiment with different colours, shapes and textures – even ones that aren’t necessarily all that traditional), there are some methods that are generally considered more effective than others when it comes to picking the right team to help bring your beautiful floral vision to life.

DO do your research

To get started, our advice is to scour the Internet for inspiration. There is so much out there! The social media accounts of dedicated wedding and events florists will be particularly helpful in this regard – even better if they’re located in the area of your wedding. From here, you’ll be able to get a feel for the varying styles of each florist and weed out what you do and don’t like. Perhaps a picture of a wild, unstructured bouquet of boldly-hued Australian natives or a ceremony arbour adorned with a delicate array of sweet garden roses will speak to your sensibilities and excite you most.

Mood boards on Pinterest are also a really great springboard for brainstorming, especially if you’re undecided about a colour palette or overall theme. Just remember that there aren’t any laws or limits with wedding aesthetics – this celebration is about you as a couple, and florists (and other vendors) are here to help in any way we can. It’s what we love doing and what we do best!

DO include as much detail as you can in your introductory email to the chosen florist
There are multiple ways to contact businesses nowadays, but we still think the old-school email is far and away the most useful. These are monitored constantly (often far more regularly than Instagram DMs, for example) and best allow florists to get to know you as a couple – there’s no word limit and you’re able to include lots of pictures and links to your favourite websites and other sources of inspiration. Having as much info as possible about your special day – whether it be your wedding date and venue, number of guests, budget and/or flower ideas (or hopefully all of these!) – helps us put together a detailed quote. From here, we’ve got a good foundation and understanding of your needs and desires, and can continue working closely with you to create something truly exquisite.
DON’T expect an instant reply
Just as you put a lot of time and effort into your communication with us, so too do we like to put time and effort into our communication with you. As wedding florists, we’re busy (especially during the peak season!), but we’re never too busy to make sure we’re answering every question and enquiry that’s sent our way with honesty, genuine interest and lots of detail. It’s an absolute honour to be chosen to be part of a wedding, and it’s a privilege we don’t ever take for granted. Because we love what we do and want our couples to enjoy this planning process and be head-over-heels with the end result – their gorgeous flowers on the big day, it can sometimes take us a little while to get back to you with a quote or changes to an existing quote. Our aim is to give you exactly what you are dreaming of!
DO keep your florist in the loop about any updates or requested changes

We want to help you every step of the way, and this means we’ll be here any time you’d like to add or subtract something in your quote, or need to update us about changes to your guestlist or venue, or even want to have a quick chat if you’re in two minds about an idea for your wedding. We’re always happy to answer queries you may have as well – no question is too small. It’s just important that you keep us informed.


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