Celebrant Julie Muir’s tips for petal confetti success

My absolute favourite moment of any wedding ceremony is the confetti toss. Hands down, it is the most love-filled, celebratory moment of the whole experience. It’s the exact moment when elated newlyweds realise the gravity of what they’ve just promised to each other, and when their beaming smiles capture all the warm and fuzzy feels that comes with such an intimate declaration.
This magic shot doesn’t just happen though. There are several variables that come into play to make sure it’s just that – magic!

Below are my tips for a memorable confetti toss (and fabulous photographs that perfectly encapsulate the emotion of the entire day).

The selection stage
Most wedding venues don’t allow traditional confetti anymore because it’s hard to clean up and can be quite damaging to the surrounds. While I love the look of glitter as much as the next Mardi Gras queen, I also like to be environmentally conscious whenever possible. As such, dried eco-confetti or fresh flower petal confetti are my go-tos! They’re easily organised into individual cones for ceremony guests as well.

Whatever confetti look you end up going for, we’ve got you covered! I sell a colourful blend of dried flower eco-confetti and JMFS sell rose petals by the bag or in a box. They offer a range of gorgeous colours too, including white, mixed pastels and punchy red!

The handing-out stage
Although popular, I often think it’s best to avoid handing out the confetti at the start of the ceremony. This means guests’ hands are free to spontaneously applause and really engage in the beautiful moments with the happy couple.

Consider leaving the cones near the signing table and getting someone from your I Do Crew to hand them out during the signing. If you won’t have enough cones for everyone (which is pretty common, particularly for large weddings), it’s a good idea to make sure your family in the front row and anyone along the aisle gets one first. If your budget is tight, sharing one cone between two people can make the involvement and fun go a little further too!
The setup stage

It’s crucial that guests are told what to do by the celebrant or person handing out the cones – and there is a real art to this! As tempting as it is to chuck the confetti into the couple’s faces, it looks so much better in photographs to have the confetti thrown up in the air as the newlyweds walk back up the aisle. The objective is to have it fall gracefully, and to do this the confetti needs to be airborne – the more hang time the better!

The final stage
This one is for the newlyweds! When walking back down the aisle, try to walk slowly and look up at the photographer or towards the sky – and remember to smile! This bit shouldn’t be hard as those ‘just married’ feels wash over you.


It’s also wise to save some confetti in reserve for your couple or group wedding party shots later. You could try being romantic and get showered with it while you kiss, or do something silly like blow it in each other’s faces!

Julie is one of our favourite celebrants in the Hunter Valley! She’s just an all-round lovely person too, and has a fantastic wedding blog of her own. Check it out below x

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