La Niña and summer weddings 2022

As if the past couple of years haven’t been trying enough (thanks, covid!), La Niña – a weather phase that traditionally brings strong winds and heavy rain – is now underway in Australia. Enter: a steamy and stormy summer.
While this means that the next few months will likely be a fair bit warmer, wetter and probably a lot less comfortable than lovely Januaries and Februaries in years gone by, it doesn’t automatically signal disaster for weddings. We promise! There are still SO many wonderful things about this season (hello bright sunflowers, poppies and fluffy, ruffled dahlias the size of our heads!), and there are always people on hand to help execute contingency plans should there be an unfavourable climate on your special day.
Below are our top tips for wedding planning during La Niña. Damp weather needn’t dampen the mood!
Communicate with your vendors
It’s ideal to discuss all possibilities, particularly during your final consultations. This will result in minimal decision-making on the day and therefore minimal stress – all that will need to be decided is whether your celebration will proceed as normal or take place in a backup location. Simple!
Ask your vendors to communicate with each other
It’s our job to manage all the behind-the-scenes stuff so you and your guests can focus on enjoying your wedding. During our consultation process, we always ask for the details of your chosen team so we can liaise directly with them and check important info, like timings. We also keep in mind your venue’s cut-off time so a call about a location change can be made with plenty of hours to spare.
Trust your team
We are all here to bring your dream wedding vision to life. Every single one of us is invested in making your day as personal, magical and memorable as possible – rain, hail or shine!
If there’s lots of the former, we often make amendments to your beautiful arbour arrangements and other styling props so everything you’ve planned and paid for can still be utilised. Many venues will have extra staff onsite too, just in case there is a necessary last-minute change. It doesn’t take an entire village to move arches, chairs and aisle florals, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have lots of hands pitching in.
Remember what your day is truly about

We’re not going to pretend that destructive weather isn’t a bit of a downer – it is. But some of our all-time favourite wedding photos have been taken in sudden downpours and blustering gales! Our best advice is to just go with the moment – sometimes unexpected circumstances produce the most treasured memories.

Photography: Wood Water Co and James Billing

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