Can you do this for my wedding, please?

COVID has all of us here at JMFS desperately missing weddings! We so badly want to be out there, running absolutely wild and carefree with creativity, and we want to be getting involved in all the magic that comes with such special events. Short of this, however, we’ve been letting our imaginations run wild in the studio, scouring social media for the most extravagant, colourful and altogether mind-blowing florals from around the world.
As you’ll see below, each of us is a little different style-wise, but we think that’s what makes our team so versatile, inclusive and dynamic!

At the moment, I’m loving the daintiness of Korean florists. I actually plan on recreating some of their hair inspo just to bring some glam to my weekend lockdown!

I just want to dive headfirst into a room full of David Austin roses.


I’m currently all about dreamy colour palettes and doing everything en masse… Basically, anything that really pushes the boundaries!


I’m obsessed with grandiose florals – both the size and variety.


I’m immediately drawn to anything that resembles an English garden. I would love an installation with an outdoor festival/boho wedding vibe too.


Give me bright pops of colour and neutral pots, please.


I’ve been gravitating towards peach tones. So pretty!


I love really natural, earthy colour palettes. Lots of texture as well!


Photography: Love Stoned Styling, Gillian Stevens, Wild Bud Co, The Floral Society, Aesme Studio, Lara Rose, Janne Ford and Cassel Kr

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